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But, one tiny mistake, your dead.. Should you ever happen to get close to a werewolf, do Not touch its ears, that could be instantly fatal.. Its audio venom glands are located behind its ears, is why its scream makes your skin feel like it's on fire I am among those person on this planet earth who are too much sensitive that most often i am unable to cope with After going through official site of "Life Strategies for Sensitive People" i found it very helpful for me to get the start and spend once again the life like other people do. I am software engineer by profession and i want alot more out of you to deal with this situation.

I gets frustrate on daily basis. Because my life is not behaving with me the way i had expoected after getting higher education.

Crystal Healing - The Basics - Part 1

I feel like the most failed person on this planet. I am professionally going down because of frustration and Sensitivity. Its an humble request that please treat me like a patient. Soon am about to get marry and i will never want this habbit to be the part of my marriage life. I am thankful to you working for people like me and you would be rewarded in terms of personal satisfaction. I have been feeling this. THANK you for techniques and will definitely practice. Much good wellness to you.

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I see all the sciences humanity can't see.. I have successfully completed the proverbial 'years introspection' as prescribed by the great ancient scholars, and survived, which makes me an ascendant and sorcerer.. Humanity knows about. I wish I had the time and resources to teach you all how much more there is to life than the tiny piece you know and have.. I don't have the strength to breathe life into you 6-billion brain-damaged mind-dead psychopathic narcissistic paranoid schizophrenic demonic humans.. So I am authoring this university course.. I have it to completely erase a university's curriculum content, and replace it with scientific data from the year Mindless cocaine-poisoned brain-damaged cokeheads who run the world tell me my sciences are delusion..

Everything new to most of you is considered to be delusion.. Humanity is in process of suiciding.. I have tried my all to make you mindless critters up to some reality, but you fight against everything new with all you've got.. This human world is an open air global insane asylum If you wish to defeat your mental anguish, simply mumble meditate deep inside yourself 'Spiritual Fulfillment', seeing and know its ramifications in regards to healthy life and happy living.. Grasp an encompassment of what means 'spiritual'.. Grasp an encompassment of what means absolute fulfillment..

Know that your body, and senses, and everything you perceive is all an extension of your spirit.. The afterlife the rest of life does exist.. The area between this life and the rest of life is temporarily my real-estate.. The food chain doesn't end on earth.. For 45 years I have been feeding the dragons and minsters on the otherside my salty warm fresh blood, in little puddles in the paws.. They seem to enjoy lapping it up greatly.. I own them..

Two of my hobbies are: making friends with monsters, and restoring life to road hit critters I will approach the largest meanest ugliest most wicked monster, bow before it, and kiss it on its lips.. It 'emotionally melts' them.. A wild cougar screamed at me from feet away in a midnight forest.. I faced the source of the noise, spoke 'walk with me your majesty', and continued my midnight stroll, forgetting there was a cougar there in seconds, till I heard its claws clicking on rocks six feet beside me as it kept pace with me.. I said to a common fly that had landed near my shoe, 'may I touch you gently?

I reached down, and touched its eye for 4-seconds before it took flight.. Bottom-line is, if you don't have enough love in yourself to touch a fly's eye, you don't have what it takes to realize the afterlife, and I sure won't be pushing demons there.. The first thing human spirits would do in the afterlife would be to pee on the roses, then kill and eat my little friends, like you do on earth I can remotely pull cancer and any disease off of a victim..

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I can remotely pull pain from someone in seconds.. There is so very much more to life than money and humanity's hate for humanity..

How to Get Into Crystal Healing Without Believing in Magic

I wish you creatures were teachable.. I wish I could suggest a way for humanity to pull its heads out of its arses.. I am doing my all to establish Mr. I have had enough of your global insane asylum.. I gotta get me out of your vile global latrine dead-ended road..

Kill yourselves if you must.. Embrace hell, is all you've got left of life and reality.. Have a noice extinction humes.. You do so deserve it A huge spider just leisurely walked across my keyboard.. Little bugger was just out for a stroll.. I have a glass over it.. I will be catching a fly to drop into its container, then I will gently lovingly relocate it to the fence with a tiny plastic tube for its new home..

I love and care-for all innocent life that touches mine.. The earth shows me things no one has ever seen nor experienced..

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I have united with the spirit of the planet.. We are one Knowing what means 'spiritual fulfillment' is your first step to grasping reality.. You have no reality what so ever, save for a few physical needs, and blind numb fear and glory based opinions.. The alien giants created humans 15, years for meat, by inseminating female chimps with their powerful sperm..

They ate human brain tissue.. They all died of kuru See: 'occultrush' google group blogs.. Do potty before you read it.. Be sitting.. If you are a victim of an insane religion, then just don't read it..

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  5. If you ingested a lot of cocaine in your lifetime, don't even try to read it.. You couldn't understand any of it.. You are already dead.. You don't even have the wits to solve 7 times 9 with your brain only.. You suicided on cocaine-poison Caution: This is not an invitation to feed upon me!.. I destroy attacking remote viewers and vampires instantly..

    I stick them to a hell pantry wall of fast growing venomous thorns.. They are thus home.. The wall is overcrowded with their remains.. Seems something there eats my offerings I am reading too much about people employing a crude unstable form of the "White Light of Protection" when they feel scared..

    Tips for Sensitive People to Protect Their Energy | Psychology Today

    That can be extremely dangerous.. Find something else to try, like cut lemons, sea salt, and fresh cut garlic.. If you feel an isolated sting to your head from a psychic vampire, rub a fresh cut garlic clove to that spot, and the brain-sucker maggot parasite will detach almost instantly, maybe violently I was camped on the west coast of Vancouver Island, about 2-miles north of Victoria.. I had a bad feeling there was something in the area, watching me, which I should be running away from Now..

    I sent the white light mind-shield out for a quarter mile all around me, and maintained it On.. Suddenly there came angered barking from the forest, as something approached me at about mph, growing angrier by the second, screaming and growling like it was coming from hell itself, or worse..