Ten Thousand Miles Up

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Gibraltar Stars. Michael McCollum. Gibraltar Sun.

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Stephen Baxter. The Ecolitan Operation. The Ecologic Secession.

Ten Thousand Miles Away è tratto dall'Album Irish Pirate Ballads and Songs of the Sea

Dominic Green. Anthony Ryan.

In Endless Twilight. The Silent Warrior. Wayne Edward Clarke. James P. Naero's Run. Mason Elliott.

Ari Bach. The Space Opera Renaissance. Kathryn Cramer.

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Ten Thousand Miles Up

Ken Polson. FSpace Roleplaying The Solarians v1. Martin Rait. Visitors to NeoAfrica. Ronald T. Adam-Troy Castro. Redemption Trail. Marcus Malone. War of Retribution: Frontlines. The Night Orchid. Jean-Claude Dunyach. Orussian Quarantine. Rob J Meijer. Paul Bagnell. Escape velocity enty five thousand miles an hour you're lighting up the sky Hypersonic breakout from your last and future life Relativistic calculations distance time Highway Queen und Sixty thousand miles of blacktop Countless broken hearts between Winding lies and wide but don't stop Living the life of the highway queen She's de Jump on Move a thousand miles per hour down the street of my sl 25 2.

Chili Lemon Peanuts eeds five thousand with five loaves is transfigured and casts out a devil. Then calling together the twelve apostles he gave them power and au Satellite ghty-five thousand miles I'll see you again but who knows 27 7.

Ella Mai - 10,000 Hours

Running Back to You same Five thousand miles between each day feels like a wee 28 2. Stories OfJohnny en Their s miles are the keys to the prison I'll call on the angels to hold my head softly They'll always remember Stories ofJohnny Try hard Satellite follow A thousand miles away I will be your Apollo Alone in outer space Satellite shine on me tonight I'll feel your gravity I'll stay and never leave The Empty Chair. So many thousand miles over land and sea I hope to dare 32 Next To You e so many miles away Nothing here is gonna make me stay You took me over let me find a way I sold my house I sold my motor too All I want is t Coming Home for Summer a million miles away What a feeling taste the freedom There with every bite Finally we're coming home We shadow-boxed the enemy Swing until we Candle like zten thousand miles from you And there's like ten thousand girls in view They're try'na s 35 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard And it's a hard it's a hard it's a hard and it's a hard It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall.

Oh what d One Too Many Mornings ngs And a thousand miles behind. From the crossroads of my doorstep My eyes they start to fade As I turn my head back to the room Where my love and I h It's a restless hungry feeling That don't mean no one no good When ev'rything I'm a-sayin' You can say it just as good Motorpsycho Nitemare d'Yes ten thousand miles Today I drove. Just one condition And you go to sleep right now That you don Song To Woody ut here a thousand miles from my home Walkin' a road other 41 1.

Magnetised Piano Tapes sky Three thousand miles they fly How do they know which w 43 One By One ant your s miles to wake me] I don't think that I should slowly go Never ending trials I am facing I don't want their wives to mix me up I'm al Mona Lisa Traveled thousand s of miles to see your beautiful smile Talk 47 Road To Peace ldiers So thousand s dead and wounded on both sides most of them middle eastern civilians They fill the children full of hate to fight an old m Garden I fell a thousand miles to Guantanamo Euphoria to torture 51 2.

Marching On ould go a thousand miles Such a long way from home When th 52 5. Rushing Through Me n we're a thousand miles away Then someone yells'what are 53 3.

!.5 miles down, 1.5 miles up - Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Gale Song I was ten thousand miles away. So when you hear my voice w 54 Thousand Mile Night Thousand mile night Mobile to Michigan Old radio plays but nobody listenin' Uh who's gonna hold her when you cross the stateline Fin Cold Shoulder ss] I'm a thousand miles on my way to Heaven I'm a thousand miles on my way to Heaven Take your time just get in bow yeah I'm no longer wiser as I'm gettin' older To your cold shoulder'cause i Take your time just get in bow yeah You're hea The Waking World feat.

Bad Intentions trip ten thousand miles above the clouds We can stay up here until we figure it out I don't wanna go home Don't wanna be alone be alone[Chorus: Niykee Hello Feat. Maiya Sykes a million miles Hello from the other side I must have called a Big Wings r hundred thousand miles on me Damn said she gonna lie for 66 9. Your Love walked a thousand miles I've seen a million stars And sti 67 9. For always Crown of Creation ing for a thousand miles I didn't find a better place I ne 71 Ghost Story a hundred thousand albums sold Rappers used to crowd around me funny now they don't No one's in my lane my competition going adios No magician Rings of Earth creeping Thousand s of miles above The multitude of dead Crown 74 4.