Permission: A Guide to Generating More Ideas, Being More of Yourself and Having More Fun at Work

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The process of removing apps and custom integrations is a bit different.

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So how can one remove an app? Visit Slack App Directory homepage. Select Manage in the top right. Select app from the list If this is a third-party app not created by your team , scroll down to the Remove Application section and select Remove App. If some of your services are connected to this app for example, BitBucket or Jira , click on the pencil icon and then on Remove in the top-right corner. If there is only one integration, you won't see the pencil icon — just click on Remove.

How do I remove an integration?

The concept of activities

In the top-right corner, select Manage. Select Custom Integrations in the list on the left. Click on the integration you would like to remove. Click the pencil icon next to this integration. Click Remove in the top-right corner to remove the integration or click Disable to temporarily disable it. Voice and video messages on Slack.

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Do you know that there is a simple way to send voice and video messages on Slack? Standuply bot enables you to send voice and video messages right inside Slack. It connects to YouTube via your Gmail account, creates a private channel and stores your messages there. You have full control over your messages. In addition, with your messages in a private video channel, it means nobody will see them unless you share the link. Then the bot shares a link on Slack which happens almost instantly. Here's how it works once you add Standuply to your Slack team.

Step 1. Use corresponding slash commands in a channel or in DM where you want to post voice or video message. Step 2. Record a message in a browser. Record a 5-minute voice or video message in a browser via a private link from Standuply. Step 3. The message is sent to Slack.

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The recorded message is uploaded to YouTube, labeled as private, and the link is shared in Slack. Here's a step-by-step explainer video of how this feature works. Without voice and video communication, you can't work effectively, especially if your team is distributed. Slack offers you many voice and video opportunities. Built-in Slack video and audio calls. Slack also comes with built-in native video and audio calls. Slack calls are known for their uninterrupted high-quality sound and video connection.

To call a particular person, you need to do the following: Open a direct message with that person and click the phone icon at the top-right corner Your call will start immediately and the person you're calling will receive a pop-up notification You can also click the camera icon to start a video call. Q: How do I share my screen during a Slack call?

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Displaying one's screen during a call is a handy way to show a presentation, graphics, or discuss a project design. To do this, simply start the call and then click on the Share your screen icon. Besides, you can allow other members to draw on your screen by simply clicking the pencil icon. Then they will be able to more clearly share their ideas, highlight the main point in their presentation or draw attention to some flaws.

If your workspace is on a paid plan, you can call several members at once : Click the plus icon in the top-right corner of your call window. Start typing a member's name and select from the suggested options. Invite a person to your call. Want to share a call?

No sweat: Click the Plus icon in the top-right corner of your call window Click Share this call Select a channel from the drop-down menu and click Share. Or, you can simply copy a call link by clicking on Copy link and post to the desired channel. If you need to call from a channel, then available for paid plans : Open the channel and click the phone icon in the top-right corner Confirm you would like to start a call and click Start new call If you like, you can give the call a name so that members in the channel can immediately understand what is being discussed A call notification will appear in the channel and any member up to 15 people can join by simply clicking Join this call.

You can also click on the camera icon to start a video call. If a member is sharing their screen with you during a call, any text you copy to clipboard will be sent back over to that person's shared screen. This facilitates collaboration, but there are a number of security and privacy issues involved here: Anything you copy will be sent to the other person's clipboard, even if you did not paste the copied content on the shared screen.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups (12222 Update)

If the teammate sharing her screen has a clipboard management tool installed, the content you copy will be saved for later access. If your Slack workspace is on the Free plan, you can call only one member of your workspace.

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  • With a paid subscription, you can call several members, a group or even an entire channel at once. If the member you're calling is on DND status, she will receive a missed call notification once she enables notification. Don't forget to use channel or here to notify channel members before a call and to send a follow up. During a call, only one member can share her screen at a time. When the person is done presenting, the next person can start showing his own screen. If you have problems setting up screen sharing or calls, check out the Slack Help Center , for assistance.

    Slack Apps for calls.


    Despite the fact that you can make calls using Slack's native feature, there are many apps and integrations that allow making calls from Slack as well. Some of these apps include Appear. Also, the Slack Help Center describes how to use the best in Slack's opinion apps for video and audio calls in Slack. This can also be useful when choosing a suitable app. Q : What is a Slack Channel? Slack Channel is the place for topic-centered discussions. Channels are somewhat similar to groups and communities in social networks: a Slack channel has a creator, purpose, rules, and members including apps.

    Channels are built in Slack to unite team members around their goals and projects or departments. All Channels are displayed on the left of your screen. The most important channel and the first one you see after registration is general. By default, this is the company's primary channel for a team-wide communication.

    Channel, Thread, Group: what's the difference?

    Slack Channels, Threads, and Groups are forms of group chats with various options. Let's explore them in more detail. Q: How to make a Slack channel private? Unfortunately, you can convert a public channel to private, but not vice versa. Q: How to join a Slack Channel? If you are a Guest, you can join a channel by invitation only, and in the channel list, you will only see those which you've been invited to. Q: How to leave a Slack Channel? If you don't want to be a part of a channel, you can leave it. In this case, this channel will disappear from your Channels list.

    To leave a channel, open it, select the gear icon and click Leave channel name. If you leave a private channel, its messages and files will no longer appear in the search results. A few more key insights: 1. You can leave any channel except general.

    Single-Channel Guests can't leave the only channel they were invited to. Multi-Channel Guests can leave private channels, but they cannot leave public ones until the Admin removes them. By the way, instead of leaving a channel, you can simply mute it see below. Q: How to mute a Slack Channel? If you're a member of a channel, but don't want to receive notifications, you can mute it. In this case, disabled channels will never appear as unread in bold in the channel list, and you will no longer receive notifications, including mentions in this channel.

    There are two ways to do this: 1. Open a channel and click the gear icon to open the channel menu and then select Mute. After that, the channel will appear in gray in the channel list.