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I attended a mixed nude yoga class hosted by thenudeblogger and finally got to meet Jessa. It was a much needed respite from the winter blues. She created a warm, welcoming, tranquil oasis bathed in soft candle light. Being nude practicing yoga and stretching out the winter kinks in my body.

Just having to focus on my breathing, letting go of lifes stresses, relaxing was so energizing. At the end of the class we all sat in a circle and socialised nude. As nudity is not sexual. While enjoying a herbal tea and healthy snacks.

Thank you Jessa for bringing your truely wonderful nude yoga class to Melbourne. I'm looking forward to you coming back.

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This morning when I opened the curtains. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. So I waited until mid day for it to warm up. Then we drove out to the You Yangs to go hiking. While on the hike we heard thunder. In the first photo I'm watching. The black clouds rolled in from the West.

There were flashes of lightening, the wind picked up, then the rain came down with some hail mixed in. The trees didn't offer much protection. As the wind blow the I was out of my wet clothes.

Because life is better without clothes

Watching the storm travel West, across the plans to the city in. In the second photo. It was classic Melbourne, 4 seasons in one day weather. Because I shared the below post on 11 Dec from the Bluemountainsgazette.

As you can imagine the 6 photos in this article. Comply with their censorship rules for online media and the Facebook community guidelines.

Here’s a map of these beaches so if you want to choose based on location, here it is!

As they wanted you to share the article on Facebook. In order to help promote the cause and increase public awareness. I appeal against Facebook for removing the post I shared on 11 Dec Which I won and Facebook admitted they got it wrong and say they are sorry. Which apparently means nothing!

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As I still had to stay in Facebook gaol and was blocked from using my account and messenger for 7 days. We decided to break up the drive back to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. So we thought we would explore Erskine Falls, just out of Lorne. It was only a short walk from the car park. Down stone steps to the observation platforms at the bottom of the falls. Back on the road, travelling further along The Great Ocean Road. This was the furthest we drove. Halfway passed Port Campbell towards Warrnambool. To see the London Bridge. It use to be connected and consisted of two arches.

You could walk out to the end. Unfortunately over time erosion got the better of London Bridge and it collapsed into the sea in early We went to The Grotto. Which is a sinkhole geological formation that is another popular tourist attraction.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

Wooden steps wind down the cliff face to the bottom, providing this view of the sea beyond a rock pool through the arch at low tide. I decided it was time get out of Melbourne and get over my winter blues. This is one of the lookouts between Lock Ard Gorge and the Razorback 2nd photo. I managed to sneak this photo in between the bus loads of Asian tourists. Not that I think they would have noticed.

They were so busy taking their selfies. I was appalled to see on the news today. That mindless vandals had knocked the iconic 'Dog on the Tuckerbox' statue off its plinth and damaged it. I only just managed to get this photo while on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney last summer. As it's quite popular. I think I may have been caught by an older couple. Who drove passed just as I was putting my shorts back on. They came straight over and were very curious and chatty. However never mentioned seeing what I was up Driving back from our hike.

San Francisco Beaches for Photo Shoots ~ Which Beach is the Best for You?

We drove passed the Noojee Trestle Bridge. It was a unanimous decision to stop in and explore the old railway trestle bridge. The huge timber frame work holding up the bridge was impressive and inspired these photos. I managed to get in one last nudie photo. I would dig up clay in the yard and make sculptures out of it. When painting, I usually use acrylic on large canvases. For my pointillist works I start with close up photographs taken from nature. These are based on photos of animals, bugs, and plants.

Restricted Activities

This artwork is about how having an appreciation for nature is actually a good thing. It is important to value nature in that without an appreciation for it we lack motivation to properly take care of it. My concept goes against ideas that loving nature is somehow the cause of mistreating it. The abstract nudes that I paint also have beauty.

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They are cubist in how they are made, studying the human figure from three different perspectives. I focus on line quality and mass gestures instead of cubes when I create these however. In the surrealist paintings I create I rely on pictures taken of interesting rock formations and landscapes. One of the reasons I create surreal paintings is because of the dreamlike quality of surrealist art.

Dreams have meanings so when there is a specific topic to address I am likely to express my point of view threw surrealist art. As a potter my focus is on creating memorial art in the form of funeral urns and pet urns. I also make functional ceramic art, from mugs, catchall bowls, aroma therapy diffusers, and chopstick bowls. Lastly, as an artist it has become important for me to create artwork that provides social commentary. I am interested in the topics of stigma and the mistreatment of people suffering from mental illnesses.

The art project that I am currently working on I named Marginalized Memorial.