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That action got them strong backlash from the police, who beat them down and used tear-gas to stop them from performing. The shining idea of s Zimbabwean rock was the fusion of African and Western sounds to create a new genre of rock music that felt a hundred percent Zimbabwean—it was revolutionary. Evicted is the most well known, having gained mainstream recognition since they first came out with their debut album Place Called Home.

Christmas Spent 'Rocking Out' in Zimbabwe

The group blends Zimbabwean genres such as Sangura and Chimurenga with with rock, punk, reggae and funk. Among the new wave of Zimbabwean punk groups, Evicted is the closest to having reached mainstream recognition. The band was formed in Harare by four high school friends. Although their sound nowadays is an afro punk fusion with a clear metal influence, at the beginning, their music was undoubtedly punk.

The group aims to spread awareness and a belief that things can change. Another band, Chikwata.

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The band hijacked the traditional use of the Mbira to mix it with contemporary Western punk sounds and make a new brand of Zimbabwean punk music, both haunting, peaceful, yet angry and fast paced. The new Zimbabwean rock scene is small, which is both a blessing and a curse. There are however, a few homegrown platforms for them to thrive and Rock Down Harare is one of them. One of the main music festivals in the country, Rock Down Harare was created in to give local bands a proper platform to reach their audience and give the public an opportunity to discover new national bands.

They post events like rock festivals, gigs and even guitar workshop for the scene to thrive, even on a smaller scale. In Harare, The Book Cafe is the go-to music venue for many rock bands. After all, this is where Chikwata. Macy and The Red. Photo via the artist's Facebook. The band, formed in , is a part of this new wave of fusion punk Zimbabwean bands. Their music mixes punk, hip-hop and jazz as heard in their album Greetings from Crater was released in They sing in English but add some Shona when covering traditional Zimbabwean songs. After their lead singer Alex left the group, the band went through a bit of change.

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They know have a new singer and go by Utopia. Macy and The Red is a female-fronted band formed in whose music is a mix of reggae, punk and afro pop.

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With the new scene thriving and clearly being inspired from the past one, one question remains: among these groups, which ones are the true successors of Wells Fargo? To be fair, none of the bands who are part of the new wave of Zimbabwean rock are the true successors of Wells Fargo. The times are different and the challenges that both generation are facing are different, the music is different, and the bands goals are different.

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But one can see how some things remain at the heart of Zimbabwean rock: a will to create music that respects the traditional sound and culture of Zimbabwe, while also taking inspiration from the West. And an urge to make music that forces their audience to open their eyes and fight for what is right. While some festivals relish the opportunity to bring overseas stars to perform in Africa, Sauti za Busara — translated as Sounds of Wisdom — wholeheartedly and exclusively celebrates African talent, with a lineup showcasing diverse acts from all corners of the vibrant continent.

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South Africa's coastal capital plays host to the festival that calls itself 'Africa's Grandest Gathering', featuring performers not just from the jazz world but also from soul, funk, hip-hop, Afropop and more. Oasis is already staking its claim as one of the most exciting electronic music festivals anywhere in the world, despite only launching in Carefully curated lineups combine with a stunning location, leading the charge for North Africa's blossoming underground scene. Established back in by a British student, the Malawian festival is now one of Africa's most globally recognised.

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This week-long affair is dedicated to jazz music, its enduring legacy, and its modern proponents, from stages in the city's grand squares to a purpose-built intimate jazz club. Few African musicians have achieved such global recognition, respect and fame as Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Felabration was first organised in by Yeni Kuti to honour her father's legacy. It is now a stalwart of the African festival scene and a huge celebration of the iconic figure, held in the Nigerian city of Ikeja each year on the week of his birthday. One of the major players in developing Africa's burgeoning electronic music scene.

Held on the stretch of Egypt's coast known as the 'Red Sea Riviera', the festival doesn't rest on the laurels of its beautiful location, with a lineup that offers a platform for local talent as well as featuring globally respected figures from underground house and techno.

enter site Traditional dance, theatre and craft from the surrounding regions are celebrated alongside modern stars of African music, rap, reggae and pop, while young entrepreneurs have a chance to showcase their ideas at the on-site exhibition. Although it was established in Brooklyn in the early s, its fair to say the spiritual home of the now worldwide movement is the continent of Africa; given its celebration of the talent, strength, solidarity and beauty of the global African diaspora.

A real melting pot of music and cultural fusion, blending the traditional rhythms of spiritual Gnawa music with modern musical sounds and styles from across the globe. Swaziland's flag-bearer is one of Africa's best-known and best-loved festivals, with recognition and awards from across the globe. A big part of this comes from its commitment to social responsibility, with all profits going to charities that support local communities and help to fund development projects.

HIFA — the Harare International Festival of the Arts — has been showcasing all manner of artistic and creative talent in the Zimbabwean capital for almost two decades.

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Music, dance, theatre, spoken word and design all make up the six-day programme. Established as a platform for South Africa's blossoming electronic music scene, the festival now balances internationally revered DJs and emerging local talent on their consistently forward-thinking lineup, spanning techno, house, electro, bass and experimental sounds.