Lydias Party: A Novel

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It is a little sad, but it is also uplifting as each of the women emerges from tragedy a little bit stronger. All in all, a worthwhile read that explores the bonds of friendship. Jan 28, Christine rated it it was ok. Lydia's Party is a book that tells the story of Lydia, who invites her friends over for a big dinner every year. At these dinner parties, her friends bring lots of food, wine, and share what is going on in their lives.

Teen Wolf: Lydia "I Want One" (3x02)

This year, Lydia has a difficult announcement to make to her friends, and so she prepares for what will be her last party with them. One thing that I immediately liked was the cover of the book. It seemed really warm and inviting So after reading the blurb for the book and looking at the cover, I thought I would be reading a story that was sad but that also celebrated friendship.

It also seemed that this book would be a bit funny, and would be a touching story. I didn't find that was the case at all with Lydia's Party. I felt the most of the 'friendships' seemed rather forced, and there were some bad or hurt feelings between most of the characters.

Lydia's friends were interesting enough, and I did like getting to know some of them. I found that other friends could be a bit hard to keep track of, and I had to flip back a bit to read previous pages in order to remember who they were. There were also a lot of pages devoted to describing the food that Lydia was serving at the party, and what she was going to wear. I understood that the party was a big deal for Lydia, but after a while I was skipping through the book to get to the 'good' parts. Overall, I felt like I was flipping back and forth through this book and that was disappointing.

I was hoping for a great story about friendship, but I felt that Lydia's Party left me confused. The ending seemed odd to me, and the story just was not what I expected. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Thank you! This book was different from anything that I ever read. The cover is beautiful and was what caught my attention and the description seemed like something I would enjoy. It took me until I had read half the story to really start to understand the purpose and I don't think that you can completely understand until you finish the book.

What I loved is that the story is about seven women. You get a good idea of what their lives are like not only now, but also around the time that Lydia met them. But in my opinion, there are three that really stand out above the others. Lydia, of course, Celia, and Norris. Lydia writes lists all the time. Lists about everything, but in the book she is making lists about regrets, things she hasn't done, and things that she wished she had done more. It really gets you to think about your own life.

Which is something that all the women do to some extent. Over all it was very enjoyable. Part Four was a great way to show that ties with people last longer than the person itself. I do believe that it would be better read and understood by the 35 and up demographic. It is important to note that I received this book via NetGalley in return for a honest review.

All thoughts and opinions are mine. Mar 11, Les rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , friendship , , new-to-me-author. It's been quite some time since I've read a women's friendship novel.


I used to love this type of book, but after a while they all tend to follow a similar pattern: one divorcee, one single involved with an unattainable man, one with a cancer diagnosis, yada-yada-yada. The cover art for Lydia's Party caught my eye when the book was first published, but I held off, not really needing to buy another book, only to have it sit on one of my shelves for years.

I came across the book while perusing the It's been quite some time since I've read a women's friendship novel. I came across the book while perusing the shelves at my library and decided to finally give into my curiosity about this novel. Lydia's Party begins on the morning of Lydia's annual winter party, bringing to mind Virginia Woolf's classic Mrs.

I enjoyed the domestic details as Lydia prepares for her guests, but the alternating points-of-view led to some confusion about which character was which and the overall tone of the story went from something light to a more negative read. I began to look forward to finishing in order to move on to my next book.

Lydia’s Party

I love the cover art, but I can't even come up with a single favorite passage to share. I'm glad I didn't spend my money on the book and I'm sorry that I can't even recommend borrowing a copy from the library. Perhaps it's time to reread Mrs. View 2 comments. Jan 06, Kris - My Novelesque Life rated it it was ok. It is late January and Lydia is throwing her annual winter party with the usual suspects - at one time or another were also her colleagues.

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As she preps for the evening she thinks about her friends, family, lovers and career over two decades. In between Lydia's thoughts we get each friend's story. I found this story on the dull side. It was not the "middle age women thinking back on their lives" that bothered me. I have been reading books with this plot since I was in my mid-teens.

Elizabeth Berg is one author that does well with this subject matter. I think it was the "tell" not "show" approach to the story and that it fell flat after a few pages. I really wanted to like this novel as it sounded promising. View 1 comment. Jan 12, Jill rated it liked it Shelves: good-reads. I won this book on Good Reads.

It hasn't been released yet. This book is all about reflection, pondering life past, present and future. Considering I have been quite nostalgic lately about my own life perhaps a normal thing at this age , I found myself possibly relating very much with Lydia It was a fast and easy read, but I am not sure I thought the last chapter is the best this author could have done to wrap up the story. How you wrap up something like this I don't know.

Is there ever really an ending?

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Jan 07, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads , contemporary , , giveaways. I received this book through the First Reads program. The plot revolves around one day and a group of friends coming for their annual evening together on the coldest night of the year, but we gradually learn how they came together and their individual stories. One of the beginning chapters gives a good outline of each woman and is helpful for future reference. There are many books written about circles of women who stay connected through the years, supporting each other through the joys and cris I received this book through the First Reads program.

Author Reading: Margaret Hawkins, LYDIA'S PARTY | Women & Children First

There are many books written about circles of women who stay connected through the years, supporting each other through the joys and crises of life. This one stands out for having integrity and honesty. Friendships are as fragile as any relationship, and the lasting ones require patience and work.

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This is a book about examining one's life, about regrets Dec 09, Emjay rated it really liked it Shelves: goodreads-giveaway. I received this book from goodreads. It was a bit slow moving at first; however the feelings expressed by the characters concerning how one envisions ones life when young to the reality of how ones life turns out was spot on. I found the characters very relatable as I am in the same age bracket and have looked back and wished I had done certain things differently. To avoid putting a spoiler out there; we see these women who have sometimes gotten caught up in the drudgery of day to day issues; as I received this book from goodreads.

To avoid putting a spoiler out there; we see these women who have sometimes gotten caught up in the drudgery of day to day issues; as we all do at times. After Lydia's announcement, perspectives change and these friends realize the importance of their friendships. This book was very touching and left me pondering about living life to the fullest and taking the time to cultivate strong friendships.

Jan 23, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: advance-readers-copy , literary , domestic-fiction , cancer , friendship. Lydia's Party, by Margaret Hawkins I loved this book and devoured it in one sitting. Lydia throws an annual Bleak Midwinter Bash for her 6 closest friends. Sometimes the party has a theme, but this year, is different. Lydia has news that she must finally share with her friends.

Time is short and friendship precious. I was shocked to see that this book received so many low ratings , because I found it a thoroughly engrossing and humorous read. Recommended for fans of Anna Quindlen and Anne Tyler.