Love Potion 2: The One Who Got Away

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The song was recorded by The Searchers in Their version reached number three on the U. Billboard Hot and number two on Cash Box during the winter of The Coasters released a version in December with " D. Washburn " on the B side. The song describes a man seeking help to find love, so he talks to a gypsy who determines, by means of palmistry , that he needs " love potion number 9 ". The potion, an aphrodisiac , causes him to fall in love with everything he sees, kissing whatever is in front of him, eventually kissing a policeman on the street-corner, who breaks his bottle of love potion.

In one recorded version of the ending of the song, The Clovers used the alternative lyrics: [1]. The narrator describes himself as being "a flop with chicks An exception is the Australian alternative rock band Tlot Tlot 's recording, which leaves the year in the song as It also uses the alternative Love Potion No. The song was the basic premise of the film of the same name starring Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Pop Chronicles. Retrieved Record Research. Retrieved 23 August Things rapidly go AU from there. Part 1 was HERE. Love Potion Number 9 Part 2 Dawn kept her eyes trained on the vampire. Just talked. Acted pretty much like a regular guy. The vampire had. This time they were talking about, like, normal things. It was almost boring. Slushy romance stuff. Nutty as a fruit cake.

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I think, yes, the most important thing about trying to have a relationship with a human girl is, well, for you not to eat people. We humans tend to frown on that sort of thing.

Long as I can find blood somewhere else, that is. Dawn thought that she sounded kind of relieved. And I got my invite to this house as part of a truce. Making use of it to eat you would have been wrong. The sort of guy who would shoot anybody but they had to draw first.

Billy the Kid or whatever. Except for him being English.

'It opens my heart up!' Kourtney Kardashian sips on a love potion as she looks for a new man

Need to work out some yeses. Last time I courted a girl was when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Got any tips you could give me, Joyce? Her mouth twisted first one way and then the other. Or else they turn out to be robot serial killers. Is she Brazilian? All slimy antlers and that. Spike flashed her a grin. Anyway, she said I was stuck on this other bird so she was going to see other blokes. Got another one that I was going to give to Dru to get the Chaos Demon out of her head. Drank the potion, fell asleep, and when I woke up I could see that Dru was never right for me.

Are these feelings for the human girl real? The potion just made me realize it. I mean, this bird is a real bit of all right. Got guts and a sense of humor as well as being a gorgeous piece of talent.

Love Potion 2 on order

Never cared for me the way I did for her. Well, she can stay with her Chaos Demon for all I care. A home life. Not sure those are really on the agenda for this girl anyway. Just have to see. Gonna have a crack at it regardless. Faint heart never won fair lady, as they say. Would you like some coffee? Hot chocolate for you, Dawn? Got any of those little marshmallows?

Yes, I have. Buffy likes them. Hot chocolate for two, one with marshmallows. Actually I think that I'll have chocolate as well. And marshmallows, why not? Mom smiled at her, rolled her eyes at the 'monkey brains' description, and departed for the kitchen. Dawn was left alone with the vampire.

20 Best Love Potion Recipe images in | Witches, Magick, Magick spells

His eyes went totally huge and round. I can tell. I mean, who else would it be? His eyes flickered towards the kitchen. You might as well admit it. Got me there. But you be quiet about it, bite-size. He bit his lip. She was pleased by his comment about her being too old for bribery with sweets. So you know all about old things like George Washington and Lincoln and Roosevelt and Elvis and stuff.

The year Garfield got elected President. Mom did an eye-roll of her own. Just be yourself. Honesty is very important in a relationship. Never tried to pretend otherwise. Not after the first couple of minutes anyway. Do you have to be evil?

Descendants Anti Love Potion scene

Just, I drink human blood. Pretty much makes me evil in itself, dunnit? Promised to stop eating people, is all. Maybe I could see if I can get hold of it from the hospital or whatever. Could maybe fix something up so it gets thrown in my direction.

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Angel must have managed it somehow. Unless he was eating people on the sly, muggers or whatever? Nah, got to give the git credit, while he had his soul he was playing things straight.