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For questions or technical support, please use our contact form. Loading offers Description Specs Product Description This book is about the work of science fiction writer Leigh Brackett, and is a companion to the Leigh Brackett ology website and collects the content found at the site.

Reviews Loading reviews Best Sellers Loading Admissions 2 1 st century, its once nebulous identity is gaining clarity. It has Office surveys reveal that incoming students have chosen Colby made great progress in shedding an image of a woodsy party precisely because of its egalitarian feel. Bixler was one of the best college presidents ever," she said. V ice Pre s ide nt for Deve lopment it's been very good to us. Mark Benbow. Although time con-. Murray Hill, N. The couple have been long- time supporters of both Colby and the U niversity of Maine. Donald on Koons at Colby. Education has always been an interest of the Coddingtons, says J ane, whose.

Endowed professorsh ips, or "chairs," reward and recognize superior faculty and help attract top scholars to the College. A port ion of the endowment's earnings each year are used to pay the salary and support scholarly activity for a specific faculty position. It sort of looked l ike a theater marquee, then took on the appearance of a veranda on a tately home. What was i t? When the structure was completed, Colby tenn is fans were pleased t o find a sparkling new pavilion, funded by a gift from Mr. Jonas Klein, the grandparents of Rachel Kleinman '96, a member of the tennis team.

The Klein Tennis Pav il ion is the 46th build ing on Colby's campus. The idea is that alumni from the 20th century will be helping students of the 2 1st century. Said the donor, "I hope for two things. Second, I would hope to inspire the recip ients in the 2 1st century to pass the torch. I feel that those who have benefitted, as so many of us have, should give back to the next generation.

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That's trne repayment of the most important kind. Everyone benefits, not just the recipients but the whole Colby community. The danger, she says, is that such an approach can degenerate into talk-show melodrama if not properly d irec ted. The latter will be published in March. Drawn to Colby by the "impre sive An a istant professor of histo ry , j unior faculty" and the school's good Scheck received h i s Ph.

She "too narrow. She holds a "I wanted an instiPh. I f I didn't ational Institute of Aging. That added Raffael Scheck is a historian who feels dimension makes me more conscious but close to history in more also more careful. Although he is German, Scheck feels Scheck to value peace and understanding. Pundits and Plaudits Print and broadcast media regularly call upon Colby faculty and swff to comment or provide background on a range of topics.

Colby readers who wish to obtain copies of stories mentioned here may write in care of Managing Editor , Colby magazine, Colby College , Waterville, Me. Please include the reference number listed in parenthesis for the story you want. N 1. Playing With Matches If forensic scientists conducting tests in the O. Simpson murder ca e match DNA sequences in blood samples, the chances of them misidentifying whose blood it is will be somewhere between infintesimal and non-existent.

M ii lard described the proce s in which c ientists compare "bands" of DNA in blood samples to determine whether they are alike. Scheck i an accomplished cell ist who con idered a career in music but opted for h istory instead. I couldn't pursue the other th ings I wished to do," he said. Castles and Cathedrals When you teach medieval history, says new assistant professor Larissa Taylor, "the less talk about dead people the better.

For example, she plans to use Ken Follett's book Pillars of the Earth, which describe the building of a medieval cathedral, as the text for her Jan Plan course on medieval civilization.


David Lubin, Jame M. The art icle focused on Lubin's provocative ideas in art interpretation, which the magazine aid were "wide- ranging and idiosyncratic.

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My goal is to open up discus ion. There she read a historical novel, Catherine, and et out to learn whether the book was factual. From there ormation France. One of the most Her late start toward an surpri ing things I found academic career has imwas the positive parbued Taylor with a deep trayal of women in the respect for the sacrifi e sermons," she said. She admits that she "hated because I had to work very hard, fairly late, to history" in high school and put off college get through," she said. Feigon, who wa conducting re earch in Beij ing when the incident occured, de cribed what he saw to Orville Schell, whose book Mandate ofHeaven wa excerpted in the magazine.

Hedging Bets Hedge funds are becoming more popular as college eek ways to make the be t u e of their endowment , Dougla E. What's the appeal of hedge funds? Corrado pointed out that the c losing of Loring Air Force Base in northern M a ine, which Democratic Hou e member and Senate hopeful Tom Andrews did not fight, may have a lienated voters in that region.


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The economy of the area near Loring depended on the base because the only other maj or employers a re t i mber and potato operation. Andrew ' challenger, Republican Rep. Olymp ia Snowe, has used the Loring clo ing as pol itical capital in forging an early lead in poll. Lo of the Loring ba e, Corrado rold the Times, "ha per uaded even the believer that government, e pecially Andrews, ha turned its back on them.

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A native of Philadelphia, Taylor ays she considers Massachusetts "home. A special ist on Africa, Besteman, assistant professor of anthropology, is writ ing a book about Somal ia, who e degeneration into chao in pi red and later demoralized an international a id effort. The problems in that mall east African country have far-reaching implications, Be teman ay. She active members of their holds a Ph. It's fun to Catherine Besteman She was hired at Colby teach for that reason.

Ellenbogen said. Colby struck me as a place that is open to new k inds of Poking Fun at Politics inquiry but is also tolerant of the old books that I teach.

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He says he is thrilled to be at a small liberal art wrong w i t h pol i t ic s? In the spring thing about the whole bu i ne s that is she will teach Renai sance poetry, and somehow ridiculous? Ellenbogen plans to draw upon Arishe also is developing background for a. Bishop knew about Abbey. But there wa something d ifferent about Abbey. H e got into people's blood, and he somehow pulled out of people their better angel. H i message was: i t isn't j u t beaut iful out here; you gotta fight for it.

He held a ma ter' in philo ophy and published 20 books, but he mistrusted the l i terary and academic establishment. He complained of being misunder toad and underappreciated a a writer but thumbed h is nose at the recognition he did receive.

Abbey was complex, Bishop ays, and woe to anyone who tried to stereotype him or put h im at the head of a "movement. What happened wa , he fell in love. When he wa eventeen he took the train aero northern Ari-. And he literally lost hi heart. He took things l ike the G len Canyon Dam [in Colorado] , the coal mining now being done on Hopi sacred land , the great tran mi ion lines that are marching like alien monsters acros the land-he took it personally.

And he wrote about it in a satiric and very moving way. H is life' work wa an attempt to an wer que t ion l ike: How hould people l ive within the bounds of their environment? How can we find the kind of human dignity that comes when we acknowledge our phy ical and piritual dependence on nature? Calling Abbey an environmentalist i a mistake, Bi bop ay , becau e "he was not worried about saving the earth. He wa much more concerned w ith the people on the earth. The earth ha gone througb incredible disruptions and it's till here-the humans are the one in need of aving.

You've got to have w ild lands for a healthy pirit, and you can't have freedom in thi country unle you have wildne. He write that he regrets not having had the chance to "argue with [Abbey] o er cheap cigar and good tequila" but ay Epitaph would not be the ame book if he had. Abbey's friend and admirers are "too per anally wounded" by his las to write obj ectively about him, even five year after h i death. H i influence was that strong. Bishop recount an inc ident that took place after a book- igning es ion last ummer in Berkeley.

A woman material-. My mother dragged didn't even know existed. I thought the him back" and was gone.

Leigh Brackett (ology)

Paul's graduation and had postings in New York, pens all the time. He was culture than I ever thought he was. After she died in 1 98 5 , is his prescience. Nearly 40 years ago, h e moved t o Sedona. His writing by the federal government.