I Love Kitty Cat (A Learn to Read Picture Book for Kids) Volume 2

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The Real Poop on Pigeons! Originally published in , The Real Poop on Pigeons! When a man sitting on the park bench starts shooing pigeons away, a group of children, dressed as pigeons, show up to school him — and us readers — on pigeon history — they carried the first airmail! Read the book. There are some great pigeon family tree revelations here, like the fact that the Dodo was a member of the pigeon family.

A three-foot pigeon! Read the book!

This is a compact, thorough desk reference to cats, perfect for an animal lover, cat fan, and anyone either writing a report about felines or researching a new pet. The guide provides a look at feline history, with a cat family tree, a history of cats and how domesticated cats became household constants, even cat-related superstitions and folktales. There are gorgeous photos, fun facts, and general adorableness throughout, plus a section on cat-related careers, a glossary, and further resources.

A companion desk reference to the Cat Breed Guide, Dr. Organized into 10 sections, dog profiles include full-color, squeal-worthy photos and stats-at-a-glance: country of origin, height, weight, coat, grooming, exercise needs, and K-9 qualities. There are sections on show dogs, canine senses, and how to talk to your dog, and a section on adopting and training a puppy. The First Big Book of Pets is all about our favorite companions, from dogs and cats to birds, reptiles, fish, mice… you name it. Interactive questions throughout the book prompt discussion, games at the end of every chapter help reinforce concepts and give librarians like me an excuse to have fun, pet-related programming, and fact boxes give kids info at-a-glance about different pets.

A section for parents includes a recipe for baking dog biscuits, pet jokes and tips and ideas to engage kids about pets. The Little Kids First Big Books are really popular with my library kids, so this one is another win for my shelves. I chuckled and snickered out loud behind the reference desk reading it, which brought some of my Library Kids over the section on Why You Should Never Stress Your Mom Out made them laugh, which garnered a librarian look over the glasses from me.

Monstrous has a starred review from Kirkus. Each planet gets a poem here, as do the outliers Planet X, Charon, Pluto. There are nods to pivotal moments in space history the meteorite over Cheylabinsk, Sputnik natural phenomena black holes, lunar and solar eclipses , and notable scientists Ivan Ivanovich, Children of Astronomy.

The artwork: digitally assembled color collage, made from sumi ink washes, salt, pen, and pencil, explode off the page, with texture that will entice kids to see the swirls of light curling off a star and a fuzzy rings of moons around Neptune. Non-fiction that informs and excites is aces with me, and The Day the Universe Exploded My Head is a great way to kick off and conclude a space storytime, a STEM program, or a fun read-aloud.

This book, originally released in French, is a stunning work of art. Seven chapters come together through 2-page spreads in watercolor and sketch artwork to create detailed, breathtaking illustrations of birds, insects, and sea life. This is such a great way to get kids interested in natural history; how to interest them in wandering around their local parks, zoos, and museums, notebook in hand, and encourage them to draw their world, their way. Light, entertaining verses on diverse subjects, written to be suitable for recitations, songs, and dramatizations. Levin, Chane Af der zuniker zayt yiddishbookcenter.

Nevskii May be suitable for beginner A collection of charming and simple rhymed verse.

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Most are about the spirited adventures of young children one of these describes a young girl celebrating the first of May, though none of the others have this kind of political theme. Levin, Chane In a guter sho yiddishbookcenter. Predominant themes are of nature, family, animals, and children.

Some of the poems are very simple. Levin, Chane A maysele vegn a feld-gandz, a lerkhe un a soslik yiddishbookcenter. The print is difficult to read in some passages.

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Some of the illustrations are too dark to see clearly. Levin, Chane Vilyenke un Maye yiddishbookcenter. Levin, Moyshe A denkmol baym taykhl yiddishbookcenter. Levin, Moyshe Der vazon yiddishbookcenter. Little boy Polke loves it also. Polke follows the flowerpot to the land of the withered plants, where his beloved flowerpot tells him a secret about how all the plants look out for the poor children. Levin, Yaakov Mayses un legendes fun der idisher geshikhte yiddishbookcenter. Hebrew names are spelled using Hebrew orthography, but pronunciation is given following each name.

Levin, Yaakov Der onfanger: lerbukh tsu lernen kinder leyenen un shrayben Idish yiddishbookcenter. Volumes 1 and 2 focus on the alphabet letters are not presented alphabetically, but lessons are grouped and cumulative of letters learned ; some text is in block and cursive script.

Volume 3 focuses on Hebrew words used in Yiddish. Volumes 4 through 6 contain progressively more difficult and longer reading selections short stories, fables, and poems. None of the volumes contain exercises.

Only the first three volumes include a foreword addressed to the teacher, explaining the nature of the text. Levin, Yaakov Di naye idishe shul: a lehrbukh for Idish-onfanger yiddishbookcenter. Grammar is not explained in great detail.

Some of the narratives are quite heymish and charming, based upon everyday scenarios that would have been familiar to younger children. In the latter part of the book, many of the readings are straightforward Yiddish translations of familiar Bible stories. Liebert, Sarah L. Mirele un ire fraynd: un andere mayses yiddishbookcenter. Biderman, 79 pages Illustrated by Mashe Fisher May be suitable for beginner This is a collection of fourteen short stories. The first seven deal with Mirele. It lacks a glossary. It lends itself to bedtime stories or to young children listening to the teacher.

Lifshits, Y. Basic reading skills are taught, which leads to reading assignments. Reading material is on religious topics, including the Jewish holidays and biblical tales. Limone, M. Some of the songs are translated from Russian. Many of the songs celebrate elements of Soviet life, but many others are about more general child-related themes. Linkov, Mikhas Vegn dem dreystn kemfer Berele unzayn voyle khaveyrim yiddishbookcenter. Katsovitsh May be suitable for intermediate, advanced An intrepid little bear lends his efforts to the Red Army. Liptsin, Sem Far kleyn un groys yiddishbookcenter.

These lighthearted poems appear in both Yiddish and transliteration. The poems are about children, celebrating their activities and accomplishments.


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Though not strictly written for children, they could be read and enjoyed by children, both because the language is relatively uncomplicated and because the themes would be so familiar. Liptsin, Sem Shpil tsum tsil yiddishbookcenter. Most stories are about adjustment to America, sweatshop life, and family relationships.

He hides behind a newspaper but is recognized by an acquaintance who gives him no peace.

A Bad Kitty Christmas - pomisworkwordzins.gq

He suggests making private cubicles for subway riders to avoid inter- ference. The stories have a timeless flavor and are still entertaining. Lis, Kalmen Kind un rind yiddishbookcenter. Some of the poems are quite short, and would thus be manageable for beginning students.

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Original Aramaic lyrics are included. This book is famous because of the daring art work. Litman Feter simkhes shpaserayen: kinder mayses yiddishbookcenter. Geltman, pages May be suitable for intermediate A collection of short stories. A brief glossary of Spanish terms appears at the end of the book. Litman Forshtelungen yiddishbookcenter. Litman Fun ale zibn zakhn Buenos Aires: pages May be suitable for intermediate A collection of short stories. Litman A likhtike velt yiddishbookcenter. Litman May be suitable for intermediate Thirty-one stories, many of them just a few pages long. Litman Mayne heldn yiddishbookcenter.

Litman Mayselekh yiddishbookcenter.