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Not sure if I'll get through the whole thing, but it could be fun ;- Abaondoned after 22 pages. Feb 01, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This adult graphic novel picks up steam and does not let up after a bit of a slow start to identify the characters. Erotica lives through Zane. Aug 19, Rushbug23 rated it it was amazing.

Great book! Kept me entertained the whole time.

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The ending was a real shocker! Apr 14, Kc Chapa rated it it was ok. Easy, predictable read. She has the take vs. Therefore, why not have a man on the side for the ride?

Can these lovebirds make it happen a second time around? Milena was my favorite character, the protagonist, and discovered love lessons through Yosef. I also have a character named 'Yosef' in my future upcoming Miss the Mark Series, apocalyptic thriller, who is an African. Nov 07, Bennita rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic , african-american-romance , love-triangle.

This book had me laughing out loud, gasping in astonishment and shaking my head in shame. Two friends, Milena and Lydia go on a journey of self discovery while learning hard lessons along the way. Milena was that all American girl who was engaged to her first love until she discovers the night before their wedding that he cheated on her at his bachelor party. She cancels the wedding and spends eight years in isolation and manless.

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When her ex returns, she scrambles to find a mystery boyfriend to This book had me laughing out loud, gasping in astonishment and shaking my head in shame. When her ex returns, she scrambles to find a mystery boyfriend to throw in his face to prove she's over him, but in actuality, she still loves him. She finds an unlikely candidate in a homeless man, Yosef. Milena learns many things from Yosef, including kindness, how not to be judgmental and realizing her worth.

Milena finds love again, but she can't help what her heart also wants. Milena learned how to love herself again and she realized she didn't need a man to be happy. Lydia was Milena's crazy best friend who was sleeping with two best friends. Glenn was her live-in boyfriend, but she had been sleeping with Phil since before she met Glenn.

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Lydia enjoyed the stability that Glenn provided and the way he took care of her, but she never truly loved him. She loved Phil's sexual nature but Phil was only sex to her and she constantly reminded him when he hinted at wanting more from their relationship. Lydia was reckless and selfish and felt no other woman could compare to her. She really was an unhappy character that used sex to fill the void of her unsuccessful, disappointing life. She was stuck in her life, with dreams of leaving her small town, but she didn't have the guts to leave.

For both women, it took a drastic event for them to take a really good look at their lives and choose to become better people or to remain stagnant in their unfulfilling existences. This book was a great example of how so many women use sex as a means to express their worth, and how we are defined by the men in our lives. Lydia and Milena proved that they could change their lives for the better with enough drive and confidence. Aug 18, Reader's Paradise rated it really liked it Shelves: review.

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Milena one of my favorite characters walked away eight years ago from the love of her life Jacour, his eighty-five million dollar baseball contract and left him at the altar. Her mother tells her to go on with the wedding, because what Jacour did is not considered cheating.

Fast forward eight years; her friend Lydia seems to be trying to put the two back together Jacour and Milena. Instead of dipping into her friend relationships Lydia might want to rethink her sexual appetite, and dodging dangrous bullets.

Glenn, Phil and Jacour are three peas in a pod, but for her the cheat is the rush. She and Phil service one another with no further expectations.

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There was some bases loadd with sex but it was well written and executed. Zane wrote a sensitive read about self esteem, friendships and being true to you. Missy Readers Paradise 5 bookmark Jan 15, Elaine Tomlin added it. It was a good read it showed how females need to really look at the character and actions of males when they are looking for love and they need to pursue their dreams. Also always aware of the down low,and bisexual nature of some men, who do the cover up. Jun 28, T. Plot Twist!

Good Read. I enjoy the characters and saw relatable moments.