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Ryu or Ken the best in SF2 original? They are the easiest to get pretty good with. And amongst a bunch of medium skill level players the Kens and Ryus are probably the best. But they are not the best characters at all. I dunno about trash talking Dhalsim is hard to play correctly My best was always Guile And all the best I knew were Guile users as well.

There Dragon Uppercut may be the highest in resolving hits order. But you just don't get hit by it It's been a long time since I played though I probably lick monkey testicles now. Nocturnal Lifer. Jan 8, 18, 0 Yes the Dragon punch is the most powerful move in the game but also the riskiest. If you miss or the punch is blocked you are a sitting duck. The risk is minimized if you use the jab version, but many Ryu and Ken players don't realize this and they stupidly always use the fierce version the one that jumps all the way up. I've won many times just waiting for someone to hit me with the DP and then hitting them with a combo or just throwing them when they miss and fall down.

My favorite thing to do is to throw them out of the air. I agree with the guys that say Ken and Ryu certainly are not the best characters. I'd have to say if Guile is the best character then Zangief should be 2, but good Zangief players are rare. As for Dhalsim, I've never played against anyone who was half-way decent with him. So maybe he is as good as gregshin claims, but I highly doubt it.

All he's good for is the keep-away game and if you can get close he can't do anything. Apr 19, 5, 0 0. I used him for a long time because it was just so much fun. I mean, you walk up to a machine with a crowd of people and pick Dhalsim. Then, when you start whipping their ss, they would get real upset If you are playing right, you can go plenty of rounds and never get touched using Dhalsim.

I either used him or Chun Li. She was a great character to use unless you were playing someone real good. Most players can't handle the aerial assult she can put up. Maybe for a round, but once you start jumping all over place and striking at will, they fall. If you find a SF2 machine, try playing with Dhalsim. But, once you do, you can fight matchs where the other player never gets close enough to hit you.

Jzero Lifer. Oct 10, 18, 1 0. GMachine Banned. Apr 5, 0 0. I love to cheese in SF. People would bitch so much and even get into physical confrontations over the game, especially when you cheesed. Do this constantly and you win! Cheap and effective. Skel Diamond Member. Apr 11, 5, Damn, I can remember playing this game for hours with my coworkers at the local Circle K If people got too close to me i would give the knuckle sandwich or a nice throw AkumaX Lifer.

Diplomats had to use their guile

Apr 20, 12, 2 Darklordcreeper Junior Member. Jun 25, 1 0 6. Invisible throw is Sonic boom then push back on stick, plus roundhouse a fraction of a second before fierce punch. Prison hold is Sonic kick with medium punch fraction of a second before medium kick. Only works on some machines though. Like the first edition. It was fixed in later updates.

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