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Log In Play Free. Cyborg Trooper has significantly less options than Cyborg Jedi? Alrighty so, this is kind of a weird thing I just noticed. I was going to make a fresh Trooper, a cyborg like my Jedi. My Jedi, created just a few days ago, had something like 63 different options for cybernetics My trooper, is only showing a mere 15 at character creation. To make sure I wasn't out of my mind I logged into the Jedi in question - she still has her not available to my trooper cybernetics, and checking the Appearance Changer can still pick and choose any cybernetics she wants.

Just to double-check I've tried to create another Jedi, and yes, that new Jedi can also use all 63 Cybernetic options. Making things weirder - I have an old level 50 commando on another server, so I checked her out to make sure everything was OK there - her cybernetics appear to have changed a bit, but she is capable only at the appearance changer of accessing the all the cybernetic options.

The weird thing here is, unlike the Jedi, all options above 15 are highlighted, just like the new human hairstyles and hair colors. Basically uhm Is this a bug? Are they really trying to sell us appearance options we already had?

General Grievous – Sinister Cyborg

I'm just baffled as to what's going on here. The highlighted cybernetics reflect your legacy. Normally on the character creation screen, you would only have a few class specific cybernetic options. If you raise a cybrog character to 50, you unlock all the cybernetics options for all the classes through legacy. Now, if you are on the customization changer, I think you get a choice of all the cybernetics, but the game will probably charge you extra cartel coins if you do not have the cyborg legacy unlock. I am not sure why, though, jedi knights have more options though than troopers.

Maybe force users really are favored by the devs and the system. PvE theorycrafting has really loosened their standards. Quote: Originally Posted by karlwaite. This leads me to suspect there's a fairly significant bug then My new Trooper has only a specific set to choose from at character creation, but a brand new Jedi gets everything. My old level 50 is a Cyborg Dominoris DT Annihilator is recommended on this unit.

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While by no means mandatory, this gives Grievous a ranged option that makes it much easier for him to attack multiple units at once, since he can attack with a single Trophy Lightsaber while in melee and fire out with this weapon, thanks to Versatile. That said, if pure melee damage is preferred, attacking with both Trophy Lightsabers is more powerful.

The values in this table are rough estimates, as Critical 1 and its effect on our sim is still being worked on. If any cover is applied, this weapon is likely to inflict 1 wound, thanks to the combination of Critical 1 and Pierce 1. Aggressive Tactics is recommended on this unit. At points without any upgrades, Grievous is likely to be a solo Commander option; and as a result, he gains maximum benefit from this card, since the effect can only be triggered if the equipped unit is the one issuing orders.

Twenty four potential surge tokens across the course of a game is incredibly potent.

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Esteemed Leader is situationally recommended on this unit. Without Medics, any wounds on Grievous will remain till the end of the game.

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Therefore, it is worthwhile to pass wounds off onto 6-point B-1 troopers, which are there to die anyway. Strict Orders is situationally recommended on this unit. Improvised Orders is not recommended on this unit. Thanks to Coordinate, Separatists are unlikely to have a large random Order pool, so this card has minimal benefits at this time. Commanding Presence is not recommended on this unit.

Based on Coordinate, it appears that Separatists benefit from being in close proximity to each other, in order to get face-up Order Tokens and avoid AI. Tenacity is recommended on this unit. After taking only wound, his damage chart changes to the following…. Hunter is situationally recommended on this unit. Not really a bad upgrade for Grievous, but it is largely eclipsed by the benefit Tenacity gives. Both require a particular trigger to activate, but since Grievous may not be targeting multi-wound models, while being a multi-wound model himself, means this upgrade is harder to activate than Tenacity, and the overall benefit from Tenacity is greater.

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Endurance is situationally recommended on this unit. While Grievous only has Courage 2, he does not have a lot of keywords that require him to take a second action to gain a benefit only Block. Sentinel is not recommended on this unit. Lacking a Range 3 weapon means Grievous gains minimal benefit from this card. Duck and Cover is not recommended on this unit, as he does not have Low Profile or Danger Sense, and so, does not gain extra benefits from Suppression.

Grievous is an incredibly potent force on the field. He has terrific mobility, offense, and defense.

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As a result, choosing his targets early is crucial to being victorious with CIS. That said, Grievous is fully capable of taking down near-full squads every activation, so his impact on an opposing battle-line cannot be understated. Additionally, Crush Them is a fantastic late-game card that can increase the offense and defense of both Grievous and 2 other units. Doubling the effective save of a pair of B-1s in the late-game can be crucial for surviving long enough to lock down objectives. And, due to his high points cost, should he fall, it would be a tremendous blow to any Separatist army.

At the time of writing, Separatists only have him, Courage 1 B-1s and Droidekas. Should the cyborg be defeated, it is likely his Corps line will crumble, leaving only the destroyer droids to salvage the game. Like any classic animated series villain, General Grievous likes to panic and run away when things get tough. Therefore, a player with the right list could potentially delay Grievous for a significant amount of time using Suppression.

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At Courage 2, maintaining suppression on the cyborg means he is unlikely to get full action economy. And since he has no method of dealing damage beyond melee or Range 2 if given the Annihilator , keeping him suppressed is highly viable to delay his damage for a turn or two. For Imperials, Imperial Royal Guards remain a great tarpit option for lightsabers, and since Grievous cannot take Force Push, the only way he can escape them is through his 1-pip. Should the opportunity arise, using Deploy the Garrison with IRG allows for a mild counter to this escape.

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  7. If he Disengages, the IRG can simply use their standby to move as well, triggering their Charge and giving them a free attack. Dewbacks can also serve as an excellent tarpit option to lock grievous into place for a turn or two.