Indian Reserved Water Rights Under the Winters Doctrine: An Overview

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Title : Lewis v. Clarke Author : Purdon, Timothy Q. Barrett; Conrad, Dr. Title : Bringing it home: North American genocides. Author : Clarke, Alan W. Source : Title : The model tribal probate code: Opportunity to correct the problems of fractionation and legacy of the Dawes Act. Author : Mcgrath, Daniel Source : Title : Fracking in the Badlands: Can levying a carbon tax against oil and gas companies help Native American tribes raise revenue while preserving cherished tribal lands?

Author : Gick, Daniel Source : 29 Geo. Title : Getting to the root of environmental injustice: Evaluating claims, causes, and solutions. Author : Diaz, Shea R.

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Source : 29 Geo. Author : Cerasano, Holly E. Source : 24 Geo. Title : A tribe's future: Native American youth and the right to counsel in juvenile justice systems. Author : Nanini, Jenadee Source : 9 Geo. Critical Race Persp. Author : Joab, Rebekah Source : 9 Geo. Author : Garramone, Christian Source : 9 Geo. Author : Oxford, Clinton Source : 9 Geo. Author : Safstrom, Jennifer Source : 9 Geo. Title : "To further justice in the greater Native American community": Ethical responsibilities of a tribal attorney in disenrollment disputes. Author : Russell, Nicole Source : 30 Geo.

Legal Ethics Title : What about the children?

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Extending tribal criminal jurisdiction to crimes against children. Author : Burton, Alison Source : 52 Harv. Title : Responsible resource development and the prevention of sex trafficking: Safeguarding Native women and children on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Title : Native nations and the Constitution: An inquiry into "extra-constitutionality". Author : Riley, Angela R.

The Native American voice in United States water rights

Source : Harv. Title : What the future holds: The changing landscape of federal Indian policy. Author : Washburn, Kevin K. Title : An offensive mark on offensive lines: The question of violating the First Amendment through cancellation of the Washington Redskin's trademark.

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  8. Author : Kirkland, Gabriela M. Source : 44 Hastings Const.

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    Title : A dollar for your thoughts: Dollar General and the Supreme Court's struggle with tribal civil jurisdiction. Title : [Dis]respecting the role of tribal courts. Author : Leeds, Stacy L. Source : 42 Hum. Title : New horizons in Indian country. Author : Kickingbird, Kirke. Source : 43 Hum. Title : Justice Gorsuch and Federal Indian law. Author : Dossett, John. Title : Unraveling Public Law Better late than never. Author : Goldberg, Carole. Title : Legal developments: Trust lands in Alaska.

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    Author : Miller, Heather Kendall. Title : A legal perspective on sliver of a full moon. Author : Nagle, Mary Kathryn. Title : Human rights heroes. Author : Schooley, Wilson Adam.

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    • The Native American voice in United States water rights.

    Title : Your money or your life: Indian parents and child support modifications. Author : Zug, Marcia Source : 29 J. Title : The model tribal probate code: An opportunity to correct the problems of fractionation and the legacy of the Dawes Act. Author : Priz, Scott. Source : 50 J. Marshall L. Title : Concealed carry to reduce sexual violence against American Indian women. Pol'y Title : Casting a wide net: Why it is incumbent upon the Environmental Protection Agency to exapand the scope of its cost-benefit analysis to include Native American populations and cultural fishing practices in the aftermath of Michigan v.

    National Labor Relations Board. Title : Making strategic choices: How and why Indian groups advocated for Federal Recognition from Title : Religious accommodation, religious tradition, and political polarization. Author : DeGirolami, Marc O. Energy L. Title : The global protection of traditional knowledge: Searching for the minimum consensus. Author : Gebru, Ama.

    India's Inter-State Water Wars: Causes, Consequences, and Cures

    Source : 17 J. Marshall Rev. Title : Tribal Jurisdiction - A historical bargain. Source : 76 Md. Title : Untangling the court's sovereignty doctrine to allow for greater respect of tribal authority in addressing domestic violence. Author : Oppenheimer, Lauren Source : 76 Md. Title : Returning to the tribal environmental "laboratory": An examination of environmental enforcement techniques in Indian country. Title : We need protection from our protectors: The nature, issues, and future of the federal trust responsibility to Indians.

    Author : Rey-Bear, Danial I. J; Fletcher, Matthew L. Source : 6 Mich. Title : San Manuel's second exception: Identifying treaty provisions that support tribal labor sovereignty. Author : Green, Briana Source : 6 Mich. Title : Exploring alternatives to the "consultation or consent" paradigm. Author : Searle, Jason. Title : Whose standards control? Maine v. McCarthy and the federal, state, and tribal battle over water quality regulation.

    Author : Mortelli, Joseph Paul. Title : Legacy in paradise: Analyzing the Obama administration's efforts of reconciliation with Native Hawaiians. Author : Andrade, Troy J. Source : 22 Mich.

    Winters v. United States, 207 U.S. 564 (1908)

    Title : "Why should I go vote without understanding what I am going to vote for? Title : Complexity's shadow: American Indian property, sovereignty, and the future. Author : Shoemaker, Jessica A. Source : Mich. Title : Here today, gone tomorrow -- Is global climate change another white man's trick to get Indian land? The role of treaties in protecting tribes as they adapt to climate change.

    Author : Babcock, Hope Source : Mich.